Sunday, June 1, 2008

Trinity United Church of Christ is NOT EVIL.

Look. We all know that what Rev. Pfleger said last Sunday at Trinity United Church of Christ was stupid. Stupid both because it's inaccurate* and because he should have known that it would reflect badly on the candidate he was trying to promote.

Still, I'm upset that it prompted Obama to give up his church. I'm also upset that it casts Trinity United back in the public eye as this crazy, freaky place where they hate America and hate white people.

Trinity United offers live webcasts of its services (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Back when the whole Rev. Wright thing exploded, I watched one of them. Primary-source research, as it were.

It's not a crazy church. The service I watched was just an ordinary church service. They sang the same hymns we sang in my hometown church (albeit with a much better choir). They passed the sign of peace, read scriptures, took an offering, etc. just like any other church.

The sermons I saw that Sunday didn't promote anything controversial or untoward. The two pastors (one Black, one white) spoke about Christ's love and about how to manifest that love in the modern world. They spoke a bit about environmentalism, about avoiding consumerism and desire, about how sad it was that the MSM had taken one action of Rev. Wright's and used it to sully an entire career. They spoke about how much harder it would be now to present Trinity United as a place where people could come to find Jesus and share in fellowship.

And then Rev. Pfleger had to go and say that thing about Hillary Clinton, which meant that Barack Obama had to publicly denounce the church that otherwise is just like any other church. The church where he was married, and where his children were baptized.

It's just sad, is all.

* Clinton didn't assume she would win because she was white. Let's be serious here. If she assumed anything, she assumed that she would win because she believed was the most qualified candidate and because she would set a historical precedent. She assumed she would win because she wasn't George W. Bush. Maybe she assumed she would win because it was her turn. She didn't plan to be bumped out by youth and rhetoric and honesty and passion. But it's obvious that she never assumed she would win because she was white.

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