Monday, June 23, 2008

The Other Thing The Agent Told Me

After our mock interview, my newest career agent sat me down.

"Look," she said, "I've got some admin and EA positions I could try and plug you in for. But... I don't think they'd be right for you in the long run. Sure, you could do the work, but you're an intellectual-type, and you would do best in an intellectual job."

Then she looked at me.

"Have you ever considered being an editor at a law firm?"

Fo shizz she said that.

Turns out she had an admin-editing position at a law firm she wanted me to interview for. And I started bouncing up and down on my chair with excitement, all "OMG you wouldn't believe it but I did this thing with the proofreaders' books and spent all weekend learning about how to do this and it's just the kind of thing I've always been looking for etc. etc. etc."

The interview, with the firm itself, was set for lunch, the next day (e.g. tomorrow).

Late this afternoon, I got a call. Turns out the firm had just decided to hire someone else.

So I went from very excited to very disappointed.

Still, something to consider; that this agent was just able to look at me and say "this is where you fit."


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The Director said...

Maybe she reads your blog :)

I had a very similar conversation with a recruiter today, and I also had a phone interview with a different company. Should hear back from the latter tomorrow. *crosses fingers*