Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Tale of Two Sublets

I'm getting a sublet to pass the time between now and when I get a "real" apartment (after I get the real job and start making some real money).

I met with two different sublessors last week. Both on the same day, in fact. Interestingly, I was originally scheduled to meet with them in the opposite order of when I actually met them -- which, as it turns out, was fortunate.

It was fortunate because Sublessor 1, originally scheduled to be Sublessor 2, was absolutely perfect. I had, it seems, finally found my smart people. It's a house full of law students and policy wonks and theorists, and we clicked so well that one of them said "even if you don't sublet here, do you want to come to our parties?"

It's nice to feel like I fit somewhere.

Immediately after meeting Sublessor 1, I set off to meet Sublessor 2. Originally, of course, scheduled to be the first sublet on my list.

Thank goodness it wasn't.

Had I not already technically decided to sublet with the smart team, I would have been horribly disillusioned by what I saw at that second sublet. To start, the people I was scheduled to meet gave me the wrong metro stop, and then, after I arrived, told me they were totally sorry but could I backtrack a few stops, 'cause it turns out that's where they actually were?

When I arrived and saw the people I was to meet, I almost walked away. I knew there was no way I would be subletting from them. Still, in the interest of "not wanting to be rude," I went with them on a tour of their place; a tour that ended up involving a half-hour ride by bus (something not mentioned in the ad -- I suppose "close to the metro" is a relative term) and, worse, a nearly 45-minute wait for the bus after the tour was over.

To sum up the visit: there were pictures and other objects strategically placed throughout the apartment to hide the places where people had punched through the walls during way-cool exciting parties. In other words, this was an apartment where a person (or multiple people) had punched through a wall more than once.

Thank goodness I had already found the first sublet, or I might have felt compelled to take this one just because OMG I MIGHT NEVER FIND ANOTHER SUBLET WHO WANTS ME... etc. etc. etc.

But, luckily, I found the smart people.

I knew they were out there somewhere. ^__^

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