Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hearing Rushdie Speak Tomorrow

Sir Salman is giving a lecture and book-signing tomorrow evening, and I'm all about being there.

I don't think I'm going to buy the book, though. It's a shame, because the book itself would be the thing to bring me closest (in proximity) to Mr. Rushdie, and he would, you know, write my name! with his own hand!!!!

But I flipped through Enchantress of Florence today in a bookstore and thought "no way am I shelling out $30 for this." Never mind that Rushdie went on the Colbert Report and said it was about magical wizard-women and had lots and lots of sex between its covers.

I think it's because I looked into the book and thought "this is just like Dangerous Beauty," which is a movie that I never really liked.

And I know it's not really like Dangerous Beauty, that it's much more complicated and weaves in Mughal India and a lot of other stuff, and that really I'm making up an excuse not to buy the book because I don't want to pay $30 for it in hardback. (Still poor, peeps.)

If I had my copy of Midnight's Children, the one I dragged across the entire length of India in a series of miserably shabby Sleeper II trains (and one nice shatabdi), I would absolutely flout convention and insist Rushdie sign that. Sentimental value FTW!

Of course, considering Rushdie's reputation, I could ask him to sign a body part.

The more interesting question: will his son be there? *__^

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