Friday, June 13, 2008

The Dress

I have a dress.
From Express.
In two shades, too:
Red and blue.

I thought the dress fit well
Until -- what the hell??? --
I saw it repeated in D.C.
With everyone's hem way above the knee.

Seriously, I see this exact dress at least once a day
On the street or coming out of the subway
No one ever wears the red one, they all wear the blue
And it clings so tight I can see their hoo-hoos.

I bought a size 6, straight off the rack
But compared to these women, I'm wearing a sack.
Do they all wear these dresses, that snug, to the office?
That's what I thought the dress was for, but since I can't think of a rhyme for office, I'm going to have to stop the poem here and let you all make your own judgments. Here's a picture of the dress (in red) from eBay:

Now imagine that worn skin-tight. Is that -- for serious -- the way the dress is supposed to fit?


ctrlalteredmind said...

"Boy, do they have to squirm each time they take a piss"

sorry for being crass, but I couldnt rhyme anything else with office either.

maya said...

That's a very *smart* dress :).

But i find it difficult to believe that a 6 would fit you right--it certainly seems (going by the wrinkles) too big for the mannequin.

Blue said...

Maybe I'm bigger than the mannequin. ^__^

maya said...