Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yo! Check Out This Awesome Loaf Of Bread!

Now that I have a fast-moving laptop I hope to post more pictures and (maybe even) media. The next item on my to-buy list is a webcam, and I have visions of posting a nightly pic of "what I ate for dinner..." (tonight, cabbage with potatoes and curd rice).

But check out that bread!

If you remember, this is what the first loaf of bread I ever baked looked like:

Yep. A squished football on a paper towel.

But my mom recently sent me a Pampered Chef baking stone bread pan, and--after three tries--I finally got it seasoned enough that the bread just slides out in perfect loaf shape. (The first two times it came out in a torn-in-half, stuck-to-the-pan ruined loaf shape.)

So yay for loaves that look like loaves!

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