Monday, February 9, 2009


So I happened to mention the other day, both on the blogosphere and on the Facebookectangle, that I had a little infatuation with Ira Glass, or at least with his magical radio voice, and that I listen to a lot of This American Life. (They have every single epsiode online, for free. Thirteen years' worth.)

There's a lot one can do during an episode of This American Life, like cleaning the entire apartment or cooking enough meals for the week, and the two addictions (that of the radio program and of the to-do list) probably feed on one another a bit. Let it suffice that I for serious have this show going in my apartment all the freaking time.

But the most important thing of all is that IRA GLASS HIMSELF is going to be AT BORDERS talking about HIS SHOW on WEDNESDAY!!!!!

I am delighted for two reasons. First because ZOMG IT'S IRA GLASS, and secondly because this is happening right at the height of my infatuation with his program. ^__^ If he had come to DC next year, I might have moved on to something else and maybe I would, you know, go just because I used to listen to his thing all the time, but I might be a little over it.

But since it's happening on Wednesday, I get to be a complete fangirl and swoon over the possibility of being in the presence of an aging nerdy Public Radio documentarian.

It's like The Secret in action.


Gori Girl said...

When is This American Life streaming on NPR? I always get the news on my morning commute, and sometimes a commentary or two in the evening, but I can't remember a time when I heard This American Life actually on the air.

Blue said...

12 noon on Saturdays, or all the time for free at