Monday, February 2, 2009

Stupid Facebook

Have spent the past 45 minutes trying to write out that "25 Things" meme on Facebook.

The group is too mixed. I've got friends, relatives, classmates, and colleagues all tumbling over each other, and here I am tagged on all sides by people who want me to reveal twenty-five of my secrets!

I tried twice to come up with something satisfactory, but both times it came out fake--and worse, self-conscious. Which is not an image I can very well present to friends, relatives, classmates, and colleagues.

Facebook drives me bat-crazy. Even if it weren't full of zombies and invites to events happening four states away, it's an exercise in image management to an audience so disparate that I am uncomfortable putting up much more than my picture and some very basic info. I'm hesitant even to put my workplace up on the Fbook, for fear of stalkers, revenge-seekers, and the like. (And I love my workplace!)

This is a long-short apology for this not-a-real-post, because I spent my evening trying to write up 25 "secrets." Bleh. More to come later, I promise!

1 comment:

ctrlalteredmind said...

yeah, that is precisely why I never attempt to respond to the incessant tagging. Five random things, perhaps I would give a shot at listing, but 25? No thanks! :)

Those tag invites can happily enter the Schwarzchild radius that is my Facebook inbox, for all I care :)