Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Have TMBG Tickets!!!!!

It’s strange, the way the universe aligns sometimes.

I wrote about Ira Glass, and Ira Glass appeared, live, in my world.

I wrote at the beginning of the year that I wanted to go to a They Might Be Giants concert. On Monday I randomly clicked over to the TMBG website to see when they were playing, so I could think about planning a trip.

They’re doing the Flood Concert in NYC on Saturday the 28th.

And I have tickets.

I can’t believe I am this lucky. They’re not playing in a month or in six months; they’re playing next week. And they’re playing Flood. And I have tickets.

I’ve never been to a concert before. Not a concert like this. I’ve been to symphony concerts and every kind of quartet-quintet-octet-ensemble and innumerable choral/orchestral concerts and those “educational” concerts they bring to colleges and universities, like the seventh generation of the Martha Graham dance ensemble.

I’ve never been to a concert with, you know, a band in it. Like, a rock band. Even if TMBG sings about history and geography and chemistry, it’s a real band that is very popular.

I am twenty-seven years old, I rub wrinkle cream into my forehead every morning, and this is my first rock concert. It’s also the first thing I’ve ever done without planning it out beforehand; as soon as I saw that there were tickets still available I thought buy them NOW; don’t run your cash-flow budget, don’t worry about whether or not you’re going to take the train or the bus, there are thousands of reasons to talk yourself out of going to New York for the weekend but YOU CAN’T MISS THE FLOOD CONCERT!!!!!

Now, of course, I’m all “what do I wear??” My first thought is that it doesn’t matter; my second thought is that of course it matters; don’t I want TMBG to look at me and think I’m cute? ^__^

But I’m the sort of person who wears cardigans. My t-shirts have smocking in them. I don’t even have bangs. (How can I be a TMBG fan and not have bangs???)

This is where I wish I could pull off hipster-cool, but I’ve never been able to pull off hipster-cool. So I’m probably going to wear a dress over blue jeans.

I’m so excited. This is going to be SO AWESOME. I can’t believe I’m going to a rock concert. ^__^

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