Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Money's Under My Hat

Anyone who knows me knows that I am inveterately frugal; so much so that, when I actually do go and buy something I've needed for a while (after using it up, wearing it out, making it do and doing without--in that order), I often get a feeling that can only be summed up as follows:

Having one of these is SO AWESOME.

In short, I have a hat. Which I bought particularly because I was going to be going to NYC this weekend for TMBG; the seats are general admission and I plan to be queuing for a while, and it's going to be cold.

Now, my frugal mindset says "so do what you do on other days when it is cold; pull your pashmina over your head." But then the "I want TMBG to think I'm cute" mindset popped up and said "when you do that, people tease you about looking like an old lady."

So I did a little online research and found out that in late February, stores are practically giving hats away, and I got this little $50 number marked down to $16.

And now I have a hat.

Having a hat is so awesome. It keeps my ears so much warmer than my pashmina did. Plus it is undeniably cute. ^__^

I guess, in the end, one of the benefits of being otherwise frugal is that it makes small things, like buying a hat or buying a mixing bowl, much more enjoyable than they have any right to be. 'Cause I am loving this hat, just like I love my bowl, my toaster, my annotated Pride and Prejudice, my Ira Glass-signed Kings of Nonfiction, and--of course--my laptop camera.

And I'm going to see TMBG this weekend wearing an awesome hat!!!!!

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