Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bread, Broccoli, and a Book

So here's the bread I cooked up this weekend. I was running out of flour, so I used a 2/3 ratio of oatmeal to flour (that'd be two cups to one cup) and four heaping tablespoons of wheat gluten to hold it together. I was all ready for the bread to bake into a crumbling mess, but it turned out surprisingly well. Also I like that I can see the individual oats. ^__^

Here's last night's dinner: two slices of bread with Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter (the only one I can find where the only ingredient is peanuts) and steamed broccoli with a little salt, pepper, and chili powder. Yes, the broccoli came out of my freezer (the shame!). It's actually been in the freezer for several months (bought before I discovered the farmers' market) so it's probably good that I'm using it up.

And this is a book: Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant. It's the latest "food pr0n" book I've uncovered; the latest book I'm reading chapter-at-a-time at the local Borders. Twenty-six essays about cooking for one, plus recipes. Plenty of paragraphs about chopping, roasting, and baking. Muchly recommended.

(Right now, btw, I have masoor dal simmering in the crockpot with black beans and spinach. Tonight's dinner will be the last of the beet stew (I freeze portions, so it's not like the thing has been sitting in my refrigerator all week) with a slice of oatmeal bread, and the dal mixture will go into my bento for tomorrow's lunch.)

Seriously: don't you all wish you could have dinner at my apartment? *__^

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Gori Girl said...

I beginning to think so. That bread, in particular, reminds me of the stuff I used to eat in Germany - so good.

I tried emailing you a little while back, but the email bounced... ?