Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Talking Points

Because we were talking about politics at work...

I realized that no, I don't exactly know what the Republicans' policies are, not beyond the vague talking points, nor do I really understand how they hope to implement them over the next four years.

And then I realized that it didn't matter.

The Republicans, as a group, could have the best ideas and policies in the world. The Republican Party could know how to make gold out of iron and then distribute the gold over magical rainbows to the entire world.

But it doesn't matter because they pick, as their figureheads, people who think that Iraq is next to Pakistan and Alaska is next to Russia.

And then: why do they do that????? Yes, I know that they want to represent their candidates as "ordinary," non-arugula-eating Americans. But isn't there a single Republican candidate out there -- isn't there even someone who comes across as "down-home" and "ordinary" who can also use persuasive, accurate rhetoric?

The whole thing makes me want to slam my head into a wall.

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