Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blue Builds A Bed

My bed arrived yesterday. Early, in fact. I was given a delivery window which began at 9 a.m., but the bed was here by 8:30. Not bad.

The first thing I did was unpack the vacuum-sealed, flat-pack mattress (and watch it wiggle and shimmy itself back to regular size), so I could go back to sleep! I got the Sultan Heberg, the cheapest of Ikea's spring mattresses, and all in all I'm quite satisfied with it. Not quite as firm as I would have hoped, which surprised me (I was taking bets on the spring mattresses being firmer than the foam ones) but I seem to be sleeping on it just fine. Also it kind of smells a little bit like chocolate.

The Dalselv bed itself came packed in a box about five feet high and six inches wide/deep. The putting together part was very easy, once I sorted out the minutiae of two hundred different screws, and it went up in a little over two hours.

And here's the picture:

Not bad, eh? And check out that parquet!

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