Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blue Buys A Bed

Today I bought a bed.

From Ikea, natch, and I was lucky in that the bed I liked the best was also the one that was the least expensive, so I didn't even have to argue with myself about whether to get this one or that one... Dalselv all the way.

I bought a mattress, too; the whole kit, and it should arrive in under two weeks.

It's so weird that I've bought a bed. Not that it was a particularly large purchase; thanks to Ikea pricing, I was able to get myself set up for $399 (shipping included). But I've never bought a bed before.

Nor have I ever had a -- dare I use the phrase -- "big-girl bed" before. With one exception (the Year of the Walmart Futon), I've slept on the same iron-frame twin bed since I was nine years old. (Yes, it traveled around with me from apartment to apartment.) Even when I was looking at the Ikea beds I thought to myself "well, I could order another twin, they're cheaper and I'm used to sleeping on one..." but then I thought "no, this is ridiculous, I'm a full-grown adult" and ordered a full-size bed.

Not a queen, though. That felt like too much bed. And certainly not a king; there's only one reason a woman in a studio apartment would invest in a king-size bed, and it's NSFW.

Yay bed!

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