Sunday, September 28, 2008


After watching the debates (and being surprised at how well McCain turned out -- where were the verbal gaffes? the inattention to detail? the inability to understand the world around him?), I have only one real question:

Why weren't either of them wearing those bracelets? They both seem to have promised their respective constituents that they would proudly wear the bracelet to remember the service of our troops, but neither of them seem to have made good on the claim.

I know that if Obama and McCain wore every bracelet or button, or kept every trinket that was offered them, they would implode under the weight of it all -- but it seemed odd that McCain told that "I promise to wear your bracelet" story (and Obama followed up with "well, I promised to wear a bracelet too!") without raising up his wrist to show all of sentimental America that he had kept his promise.

I mean, McCain wasn't even wearing a flag pin. Clearly he can't be trusted.

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Ted said...

Think about it.

"Braceletgate" says EVERYTHING you need to know about the person who is Obama.