Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Dream Apartment

When I walk in, the first thing I see is the bookcase. Not very full yet, because most of my books are still in storage at my parents' house. It took me two hours to build, mostly because I built it incorrectly the first time and had to take it apart.

There are three candles on the bookcase: vanilla, linen, and sandalwood. (The linen one smells like dryer sheets. ^__^)

Next to the bookcase is the papasan, which is by a window -- one of three set against the studio's back wall, all large, all westward-facing. The apartment's built on the edge of an overhang, so the windows have no bars; any potential threats would have to climb up a 100-foot cliff to get in.

To the left of all of this is the walk-in closet which also serves as a passageway to the bathroom. I love this area. I can shower and tumble right out into my clothes. Everything is arranged by color and all the hangers are facing the same way.

The bathroom is done in green and ivy and it smells like expensive soap. (One of the nice side effects of using Lush products is that it makes the entire bathroom -- especially the towels -- smell really good.)

On the right side of the apartment is the "dining nook," which is about 5'x6', big enough for a four-top if everyone is cozy. Windows on both walls, and the view is fantastic; all treetops and sky.

Through the dining nook is the kitchen, which is quite big enough to satisfy my standards. Gas range, four burners. Eight cupboards. A hook for the apron I made in seventh grade Home Economics.

The rest of the space is waiting for the bed, which should be arriving next weekend.

Oh, and the best part (aside from the view, the kitchen, the walk-in closet, and the papasan)? Parquet floors.

One of these days I'll buy a digital camera and show you all some pictures, but it's probably better if you all use your imaginations because then you can project your own dream apartment onto these details, and everyone will like what they see. ^__^

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