Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What If I Don't Look Good In "August?"

I love Ann Taylor Loft. Mostly because, like Old Navy when I was in high school, everything in the store is sized to fit my body.

I went in last weekend specifically to buy this dress:

I also ended up buying this one, simply because it fit so well:

When I took the dresses up to the register, the person working the checkout told me that the purple on the second dress was "the color for August." She then added "so you'll be able to wear the brown dress for a few more weeks, and then everyone is going to switch over to purple and green -- you just watch!"

So my pretty brown dress is going to expire sooner than a gallon of milk???

The worst thing is that I don't think I actually look all that great in purple. I bought the purple-and-black dress because it fit perfectly and the price was right, but I -- for serious -- never wear purple. Why can't August's color be blue? I can totally rock blue!

Today I wore the purple-and-black dress into the office. I went into a meeting, and three other women were wearing the exact same shade of purple.

And it's still only July.

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