Friday, July 4, 2008

T-Shirts = Votes. Happy Fourth of July!

While waiting on the National Mall to see the official DC Fourth of July Fireworks Blowout (don't bother; highly overrated and overcrowded), I walked by dozens of small carts selling street meat, water bottles, glowsticks, etc.

Oh, and one thing more.

"O-bama, O-bama, get your O-bama t-shirts right here, change we can believe in, get your Barack Obama t-shirts..."

Every time I walked by a person selling Obama merch, I got all happy inside. Then I realized something that made me even happier.

No one, anywhere, was trying to sell a John McCain t-shirt.


ctrlalteredmind said...

I wouldn't think the McCain demographic overlaps with the Buying-a-T-shirt-off-the-street kind.

His supporters are probably selling lapel flag pins in the other parts of town.

Blue said...

Yeah, I did consider that.

Plus Obama's got the good-looking vibe going, but McCain's not the kind of face you'd like to see in the mirror every day, even if it were only on your t-shirt. ^__^