Monday, July 28, 2008

"We're Not All Stick Figures..."

Now that I'm earning "real" money, I find myself absolutely delighted when I see something like this XKCD skirt. It would be perfect to wear to work and I can afford to buy it! (And, at $35, it's cheaper than what I might find in a department store.)

I was all ready to place my order and then realized I was missing several valuable pieces of information. Thus, the email I am sending to Randall Munroe (who, according to his website, manages his own online store):

Dear Mr. Munroe,

I really-really-really want to place an order for your new Regex Cheat Skirt, but I don't want to pick the wrong size. Would it be possible for you to post two pieces of information to the store description:

1. What kind of fabric the skirt is made out of,


2. A picture of just the skirt (not on a model), so I can see how the waistline is cut in proportion to the hip width?

I know this sounds like a huge dork request, but it's important to all the women out there who have a large hip-to-waist ratio. We never know whether we need to buy the next size up.

Many thanks,


I wonder if he'll respond?


ctrlalteredmind said...

maybe he'll feature you in his next comic strip! how exciting :)

Blue said...

Although a strip about hip/waist ratio would be interesting, it would probably be difficult to do given his format.


XKCD Stick Girl 1: I can never find pants that fit. My hip/waist ratio is too big.

XKCD Stick Girl 2: What is it... 13/19?

XKCD Stick Girl 1: Worse. 2/3. AND I'm 5'3".

On mouseover: Baby Got Back.