Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Too Many Stories!

I have way too many blog posts to write and not enough time to tell them!

Let's see...

  • I tried to make laddoos using a recipe from the internet, and they turned out like laddon'ts.
  • I had a party! It was awesome! There are pictures!
  • President Bush's email address is nuts and OMG Hillary SoS and Obama is so cool and I loved the article about Michelle Obama's booty and should I be one of those people who rents out her apartment for inauguration weekend????
  • I also have all these other pictures I've been taking, like the one of the Epic Fail sign, and I need to post them so you all can see them!
  • I bought a pair of gloves which is good because I didn't have gloves before, and they're the kind that go part of the way up my arm so they keep the whole thing warm, and they've got a diamond pattern knitted into the back and they're really pretty.
  • I've gotten to the point in Ashtanga where my yoga teacher is assisting me into getting into more complicated postures, and now I'm all "should I be going to class every day so she can assist me more?"
  • Also I read this Ashtanga book which was all about focusing my mind and stuff, and I'm like "I can do that, but then I would have to stop doing my daily practice while I play last night's Daily Show/Colbert Report on Hulu, and I don't know if it's worth the trade off, even if following the drishtis promises me inner peace and enlightenment."
  • I've made three more loaves of bread! They're still totally weird shapes because I've been baking them in my Dutch oven, but tomorrow I'm going to buy a loaf pan and that should solve the problem.
  • I saw Christopher Plummer speak tonight, and it was sad because he looked nothing like Captain Von Trapp but at the same time I wish that when I'm 78 years old I could be just as articulate and witty and intelligent as he is, never mind the face wattles.
  • Today's Questionable Content is just like the inside of my head is, most of the time. ^__^
I guess maybe I don't have to write most of these posts anymore. ^__^ Though I do want to share the ones that have the pictures.

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