Friday, November 28, 2008

More Pictures From My Life

Here are more pictures I've taken recently (and some not-so-recently, but I just finished pulling all of the pictures off of my cameraphone):

The Obama HQ in Stafford, VA. It's a little hard to read, but the sign it is covering reads "Heart & Soul: Ari's House of Dance and Performing Arts." (It's about time the arts supported something besides themselves!)

The White House on Election Night. Surprisingly, the picture doesn't at all do justice to how many people were actually there.

The spread of food at my housewarming party. I love my apartment. Everything is so minimalist and clean, and I have that fantastic view. Sometimes I think I will never be so lucky as to live in another place with such a beautiful view.

The food, close-up. Realized when it was all on the table that nearly everything was brown. Meh. Also, I need a large pitcher so I can decant things like that jug of apple cider and maybe make it look more inviting.

My friends and I call this the "Epic Fail" construction company. Mostly because we live our lives dictated by internet memes.

A few places have gone out of business recently (none sadder than Olsson's Books and Records). This one amused me because, next to the giant Blue Screen of Death, there is a piece of printer paper taped to the window that says "Ask About Our Reverse Mortgage Plans." Guess that one didn't work out so well.

One of many new bank mergers. I want to know how much they paid to get Regis and Kelly involved. Also -- and it's hard to tell from the picture itself -- the fake smile on Kelly's face looks a lot more like she's in extreme pain. Either she's horrified by the direction her career has taken, or those skinny jeans are cutting off her circulation.

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