Monday, November 10, 2008

Food Post 2: Goat Yogurt

You have to click on the clip above, if only to hear the music. It's from the 1968 television adaptation of Heidi (the infamous one that preempted that football game), and it's kind of the music I hear in my head every time I think of goats.

So when I showed up at the Farmers' Market, half-an-hour before it closed, and found out they were out of cow yogurt and only had goat yogurt left for sale, I said "I'll try that!"

Alpine hills, pretty red dresses, symphony orchestras, and happy children squirting goat milk directly into their mouths. Sounded delicious.

Not so much.

Do you know what goat yogurt tastes like?


For all goat yogurt is supposed to be easier to digest than cow yogurt, I tried it twice and both times it made me feel nauseated. The texture felt hairy. Putting fruit in it didn't help either.

I did, however, quickly find a home for my goat yogurt: I sent around an email at work asking if anyone would like a fresh pint and instantly got a response. So someone else gets a delicious present, and I don't have to waste food.

Next time I'll get to the Farmers' Market a little earlier.

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