Saturday, October 4, 2008

You Can't Spell "Pancakes" Without "Pan"

In my previous life, I was of the opinion that I just "couldn't" make pancakes. Or fried eggs. Or anything else that required me to let it set in a pan and then flip it over.

I would let it sit, then try to flip it... and some part would always stick to the pan and ruin the whole thing. Adding more oil or butter only made a greasy mess. So I decided I just didn't have the "technique" necessary to cook pancakes.

But I've found that the new pots-and-pans I bought for my dream apartment have somehow, miraculously, enabled me to cook perfect pancakes and fried eggs and grilled sandwiches and all the rest of it.

I think it's because they're coated with Teflon. Or maybe because they're brand-new and not all chipped and gummed up.

But it's very exciting, and it's opened up a whole new series of recipes in my Madhur Jaffrey cookbook.

In other words: this week I want to try making masala dosas. ^__^

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