Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blue Lifehacks Her Diet

I'm not going to do this every day because that would be obsessive. (But doing it every-so-often is more of a lifehacking kind of thing.)

Today I tweeted everything I ate, which comes out as follows:

Small bento with Kashi, plain yogurt, and raisins (approx. 320 calories)
1 cup coffee with turbinado sugar (20 calories)
1 cup dark chocolate cocoa (which is a pinch of pure dark chocolate mixed with water -- unbelievably, according to the box, only 5 calories and much, much better than Swiss Miss)
1 Luna bar (180 calories)
1 banana (80 calories)
1 peanut-butter-and-prunes sandwich (believe me, after eating that, one isn't hungry for a while... also about 500 calories)
1 apple (60 calories)
5 white-chocolate mini-Reeses (200 calories)
1 apple-and-cheddar-cheese sandwich (360 calories)
1 orange (60 calories)
1 Luna bar (180 calories)

Total: 1965 calories.

Even if my estimates are a little off it's still nowhere near overeating. It's also not junk food, although arguably I could have skipped the candy.

I'll keep compiling data just long enough to pick up the trend (because calorie-counting is obnoxious, in the long run) and to see if there are nifty little ways to "lifehack" it.

Edit: Add before-bed "stomach is growling" pbj and three prunes. New calorie total 2365. Perhaps therein lies the problem.

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