Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blue's Grocery Spree

Today I went to the grocery store hungry. Not on purpose; I was at a friend's apartment for a birthday tea-&-coffee get-together, and by the time we were all leaving it was just about dinnertime.

Anyway. Usually when I go to the grocery store I get the following:

Whatever other fruit is on sale
Seasonal vegetable
Plain yogurt
Whatever protein bar is on sale (lately it's been Luna bars)

Every couple of weeks I get bread/peanut butter/jelly, and also when I run out I stock up on beets and cheese.

(Just in case you're curious: breakfasts are always Kashi in yogurt with sliced fruit on top; lunch is the seasonal vegetable cooked to one of Madhur Jaffrey's recipes, and dinner is either PBJ with more fruit or beets/cheese/crackers with fruit. Although last night, because I scored an unexpected free lunch at work, I took the cabbage-'n-dal I had packed in my bento box back to my apartment and cooked a delicious chickpea pancake to wrap it up in.)

But today I was starving, and so I kinda went a little overboard in the produce section:

5 Gala apples (two lbs for $1.99)
5 McIntosh apples (ditto)
6 oranges (two oranges for a dollar!)
6 bananas ($0.49/lb)
1 bunch asparagus ($1.99)
1 rutabaga ($0.99)
1 squash ($0.49!!!!)

Plus yogurt, Luna bars, bread, a giant tub of all-natural super-crunchy peanut butter, and a tin of Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder, which I am going to use to make hot cocoa (yes, I know cocoa powder is not sweet by itself, but this stuff is 100% pure cocoa, unlike, say, the chemical mix that Swiss Miss churns out, not to mention that dark cocoa is full of flavanols and antioxidants and it is only 15 calories per tablespoon, so... I'll stir in some honey to sweeten it up).

Anyway, my refrigerator is now overflowing with vegetables, which is kind of good because this morning all it contained was a half-empty jar of strawberry jam and some beets-&-cheese, but now I'm thinking "ZOMG I have to eat these all before they spoil!!!!"


I told my sister that when I go to the grocery store hungry I end up buying rutabagas. She said I was weird.

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