Monday, August 18, 2008

Quick Ashtanga Class Recap

The Ashtanga class did not kick my ass... yet.

We learned Sun Salutation A, which I had already been doing on my own for over a year (including the "extra" Ashtanga stuff like the yoga pushups -- for all the "this is unique to Ashtanga," I had definitely learned this sun salutation before). The instructor helped me with a few "modifications" to some bad habits that had slipped in since my last yoga class (January-June 2007).

One thing that amused me: the instructor's matter-of-fact patter through an introductory course that she has been teaching, twice a week, for the past five years. As a (former) piano teacher, I knew exactly where she was coming from. "Let's-find-middle-C-there-it-is-good-job!" etc. It wasn't that she wasn't interested in her students, or dedicated to what she was teaching, it was just... this is a class she has taught, twice a week, for the past five years. ^__^

Quick recap over. Time for bed!

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