Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Dream Apartment... Is Mine!

Those of you following my Twitter may have noticed that a few days ago I tweeted that I had seen "my dream apartment."

On the day I saw it, the landlord told me that he had given another potential renter 24 hours to decide whether or not she wanted it, and if she said no, then I was next in line.

She said yes.

When the landlord called to tell me that, he mentioned that he had another apartment available... but it was slightly larger than the unit I had seen, so it was slightly larger in price.

I politely declined, telling him that the price increase tipped the apartment above the "30% of post-tax income" budget I had set for myself. (He was mildly amused that I had done the math.) I said that I really liked his building, and if he ever had another unit open that was the same price as the "dream apartment" I had seen, I would love to hear from him.

In less than 24 hours he called back to let me know that he had a unit available: "It's a little bit bigger than the one you saw the other day, but it's the same price!"

I tactfully refrained from asking if he had simply lowered the price on the apartment he had mentioned before. ^__^

So I went and saw it, filled out the application form, and should sign the lease by the end of the week.

What is my lovely dream apartment like?

Studio, of course (I'm not making that much money yet!)
Hardwood floors
Loads of windows
Two closets
Full kitchen plus dishwasher
Washer/dryer in the apartment
All utilities included
A great view of one of DC's quirkier landmarks (naming it would irrevocably give away my location, so I won't)
Close enough for me to walk to work
No extra charge for my cat


It's on the same block as my sister's apartment! Which we both agreed is a little cool, and a little weird.

Pictures will come when I move in (on the 15th!!!). I would have taken some today, except the previous tenant was in the "messy" stage of moving out and there were half-filled boxes everywhere.

But YAY! I have an apartment, and it's everything I could want an apartment to be.

Now I'm going to go play fantasy decorator...


neha vish said...

Congratulations! Some visuals please? :)

Patrix said...

Congrats! Getting your hands on an apartment you like is indeed rare. As Neha said, love to see some pictures (before you decorate).

LOL @ not naming the landmark. I wonder if Bush would say the same - can see this big long monument but can't name it. Apparently, Lincoln can say the same as well.

Blue said...

Pics will come next week when I move in!!!

The landmark isn't actually a building...