Saturday, August 30, 2008


When I started fantasizing about how I would want to furnish my dream apartment (and trust me, I've had a long time to fantasize about it at this point), I spent considerable time dreaming about my very own papasan chair.

Not one of those plastic "circle chairs" from Target, but a genuine, rattan, Pier 1 papasan.

Now, those things aren't cheap, and I (unfortunately) still am cheap. But fate has thrown me into a lot of different places as I've bounced around from bed to bed, waiting for this apartment eviction business to end, and at my last temporary sleeping place I made a new friend who also, coincidentally, happened to be selling a genuine, gently-used, super-price-reduced Pier 1 papasan on Craigslist.

I'm sitting in it now. I smuggled it into my hotel room through the back door. (I suppose there isn't any law against bringing one's own furniture into a hotel, but it still felt a little like I shouldn't advertise it.)

So now I don't yet exactly have an apartment, but I do have my first piece of real furniture. Not bad.

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maya said...

Congratulations on your papasan! Those things *are* awesome to curl up in. Kittens love them too :).