Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Guess Someone Else Likes My Dream Apartment Too

I was supposed to move into my dream apartment on August 15.

On August 13, my landlord told me that the apartment wasn't yet ready for me and that I would be able to move in one week later, on August 22.

Naive as I was, I assumed the delay had something to do with the apartment getting cleaned up and re-painted, which the landlord had said would happen before I moved in.

Today I got another call.

Apparently I won't be able to move in on the 22nd either, because (wait for it...) the previous tenant has not yet moved out.

The landlord said that there was a delay on the apartment the current tenant was planning to move into, so she was squatting in my apartment until her apartment came through.

Which in turn means I've got to squat in my unfinished basement sublet.

My rent, which was already prorated for August, will be reduced for the time I'm losing, but it's still a highly undesirable situation.

Considering my past history of "having to pay out my savings when a roommate skipped town without paying rent," it's also disturbingly ironic that, even when I'm moving into a studio, I'm still getting screwed over by the person sharing my space.


(And no, the landlord is not obligated to put me up into a hotel or anything like that. Unfortunately.)

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