Thursday, May 8, 2008

Why'd I Take The Comps Questions/Answers Off The Blog?

A day ago I was posting the comps questions I'd been working on, as well as the answers I was writing. (At my university, instead of giving you a few questions and then locking you into a room for 6 hours to answer them, we get a few questions and then we get to go home and write on them for a week.)

I took them off because some people (none from my university, thank goodness) suggested it might be cheating.

Arguably, it's not like the comps questions are the same ones every year, and my posting mine spills the beans; they're tailored to each individual graduating student and I had known, in the past, the questions previous-year students had received. (We all talk.)

But I could see how someone might consider my asking internet friends what they thought of a particular idea as "cheating," although I would consider it "primary source research." (Had any of y'all made a comment or left an idea I wanted to use, I would have cited you. Am anal that way.)

Anyway, that's why the questions went down, and why you probably won't see another post from me for a few days.

Catch you later!

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