Saturday, May 3, 2008

Not At All Like Alanis Morissette's "Unsent," But Wasn't That Song Cool?

When I finished working my temp job over winter break, I promised my co-workers that I would get them all comp tickets for my play. They all said "Great! We'd love to come!"

A few weeks before the play, I sent out a (small) stack of invitations, listing the time and date and asking them to please call or email if they wanted (free) tickets for a particular night.

No one called.

No one emailed.

I felt a little crushed.

Until... I was going through some papers and cleaning out my desk and I found the entire stack of invitations, all addressed, all stamped, none of them actually sent.



Blue Bike said...

Trivia: there is one hebrew word for this situation ... its called "fadeekha"

The Director said...

Smooth, Blue. Real smooth.

Blue said...


Is it just for not mailing letters, or for forgetting things in general?

Blue Bike said...

well ... its the feeling of embarassment you get when you blame others for beign careless, insensitive etc but later realize that it was your own mistake ...
I've been trying to find a corresponding english/hindi word ... still nowhere close :(