Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Vegetables! (I mean... Mother's Day!)

Scott Adams (the Dilbert guy) writes that he believes humankind was meant to be vegetarian because we salivate when we look at fruits and vegetables, not when we look at pigs and cows. (He's talking about the live form of the animal, not the bacon form.)

Now, I'm sure there are some people out there who see a nice grazing bovine animal and begin producing anticipatory drool, but for the rest of us, well...

That's why this particular Mother's Day card was so deliciously food pr0n-y. (The link doesn't go to the card itself; you'll have to click on the one that says "Happy Mother's Day, Mom!" But be forewarned. It's Hoops and Yoyo, which means it's going to be loud.)


ctrlalteredmind said...

I've read that post by Scott Adams, but that analogy appears to be incorrect. He's comparing one food product in its ready-to-eat form with another that isn't quite, um, ready. A more appropriate comparison would be to measure one's salivary reaction when shown an apple tree or sapling (without the apples) or a tuberous root that has yet to develop into a beet. (Disclaimer: I'm no fan of either beef or pork, having tried both :P)

Blue said...

Wouldn't a potato in its skin be the same as a cow in its skin? :)

Looking at a tuberous root would be more like like looking at an ultrasound of a calf in utero.

But agreed. Adams has not satisfactorily factored for the change in status that occurs when the animal is killed and cooked.

Even I salivate at the smell of bacon. :)