Thursday, May 1, 2008

If There Aren't Pictures Of Me On The Internet, Do I Exist?

Today we had photo call for the play (the official, university-photographer photos, instead of the unofficial photos I've been posting on this blog).

At the end I insisted we take a cast-and-crew group shot... for one very selfish reason.

I haven't been photographed since December 2007.

I lost my digital camera in Delhi; I bought a cheap disposable for Amritsar, but since then have had nothing that could be posted on the blog or on Facebook.

As everyone else updates their profiles, I'm still using an avatar shot that is *gasp* over a year old. I'm not sure I even look like that anymore.

Anyway, when the new pic is up, I'll post it. Then we can all see how much I've aged since I took the shot in the red dress. I'm sure that will be... illuminating.


Blue Bike said...

unrealted to this post ... its about your tweet ...

The trouble with having a favorite pair of jeans is that none of the other pairs ever get worn.

I couldn't agree any less ... I've my own fav pair which is about to wear out ... but is so comfy ...

ctrlalteredmind said...

once you has teh job, you will has teh macbook, and then we will sees your profile pic change more oftens thanx to bilt in isight k