Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ConGRADulations! (Watch out for the mushrooms of death!)

Getting a terminal degree is kinda like playing Super Mario Bros (the First).

You have to jump over things and hide from things and evade things, and the end boss is a rehash of every level you've played up to that point (including the water level -- I always hated the water levels).

And then when you're done, you're all "Yay! I beat a really long game during an era where game cartridges didn't have save states!" and you wait for your reward... but all you get is one screenshot of Mario and the Princess and then BAM! You're back again at level 1.1, with no coins or power-ups, only this time there are twice as many enemies and some question blocks pop out mushrooms of death.



Abi said...

Congratulations, Blue!

I wish you all the best for Life 1.1 ...

Blue said...