Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why No One Is Getting Soap This Year

I have a confession to make.

When I give out Christmas presents (or birthday presents, or any presents), I sometimes get distracted by giving people things I think they should have, rather than things they might want. It comes from a good place -- I want to share my favorite things with the people I care about -- but at the same time sometimes means that the only person really excited when the gift is opened is me.

And I think I've given out plenty of things that have been more exciting for me to give than for the recipient to receive (last year's "genuine Amritsari pashminas for everyone!" shopping spree comes to mind).

So. Just so you all know. NO ONE is getting soap this year.

I promise.

You all dodged a bullet, too. There's a handcrafted soap booth at the Farmers' Market, and they have these bags of miniature "one-serving" soap balls in different colors and textures and scents, and I was so going to buy one of those bags and break it open and divvy the soap balls up into individual lace bags and use them as stocking stuffers.

And then I remembered that I had given out soap last year, and even though it was the best soap in the world no one had seemed half as excited about receiving it as I was at handing it out. And then the frugal part of me said "well, if soap is only exciting for you, you should use that money on something that will be exciting for them."

So. This year, I promise, will be a soap-free Christmas!

But I won't tell you what might take it's place in the stockings...

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