Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Did It

I just finished balancing my checkbook against my cash-flow budget and predicting expenses through the end of January.

And... I did it. I managed to set aside enough money for two months' living expenses before January 1, 2009.

Currently the first month's worth of money is in a savings account. The second month's money is still in my checking account, and I'm very nervous about making the savings transfer because I feel like as soon as I hit "send" I'll fall down the stairs again and break my other toe. And although I'm pretty sure my savings account is one of the kind where I don't have to pay fees to get the money back again, I probably should double-check with customer service because the internet information/interface is less than helpful.

And although leaving a large amount of available funds in my checking account is also not a bad idea (see "breaking other toe," above), I'm also worried that if it stays in there it'll accidentally turn into vodka tonics at happy hours or whatever pretty thing is in the ATL window.

Gaah. Money makes me nervous.

On the plus side, dinner does not. I have baked cabbage w/ginger and leftover dal and will be enjoying myself thoroughly.

And, if I had any, I'd bust out the champagne. ^__^

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