Monday, December 29, 2008


Though it sounds selfish to admit it, this was truly the one Christmas where I got everything I wanted.

Cutting boards... knives... dishtowels... a spatula... measuring spoons... and THREE APPLIANCES!

The first, and initially most impressive, is the Magic Bullet. If you haven't seen the infomercial, this thing is like a mini-blender with scads of attachments and a theoretical twenty-four functions. (I'm thinking the Magic Bullet people are counting things like "mince garlic" and "chop onions" as two different functions.) I was ready to be wowed, but unfortunately the thing broke in two different places the first time I took it out of the box. We were able to fix the first break (the blade came undone from the base), but the second one (an attachment cracking when I tried to wash it) was permanent. So... verdict still out on the Magic Bullet's awesomeness. It has the potential to be very useful, but I'm a bit afraid it will start breaking again.

The second is my toaster, which I adore. When I was very poor in Minneapolis I once took a toaster out of a dumpster and cleaned it up. I had a lot of affection for that toaster because of the DIY aspect, but even more affection for this one because it doesn't have rust spots on the outside. Toast is one of the best parts of bread. ^__^

And the third, and probably my favorite, is my SLOW COOKER!!!!! I should actually call this one my re-favorite because it's the exact same model as the slow cooker a friend gave me a year ago, which I then gave to my old roommate because I couldn't take it with me to DC.

I have already made so much food with my slow cooker. It's so fantastic to have a slow cooker again.

Yay appliances!!!!!


maya said...

I was thinking of you on Christmas Day--i'm glad you're so happy with all your presents and that your entertaining was so--umm--smoove ;)

Blue said...

Meant to say -- thank you.

Hope your Christmas was just as lovely.