Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have to share this just because I am so excited about it.

I was planning to spend most of Sunday chopping up apples for freezing purposes, since I knew the apple harvest was pretty much over and if I wanted locally-grown apples through spring, I would have to do the chopping and freezing myself.

But before I did, I practiced due diligence and went and asked the Farmers' Market people when, exactly, the apple harvest would end. If I were going to carry home enough apples for me to eat at least one per day until next August, I would have to strategically, mathematically, plan out how to stagger the loads.

"Oh, we've picked all our apples," they said. Then they said something about storage and oxidation and something else I didn't understand, ending up with "and we'll be able to sell all of these apples until at least May."

Locally-grown apples until at least May.

*jumps up and down with excitement*

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