Monday, April 28, 2008

Harold's Closet

I saw H&K2: Gitmo this weekend.

Between the scatalogical humor, the shirtless Penn and Cho, the luscious shot of the two of them in their 1970s finest, the social commentary, the cultural commentary, the racial commentary, the political commentary, and the "marijuana is not teh evil, if used appropriately it's just fine" commentary, one image will remain forever etched into my memory.

Harold's closet.

(Well, Kumar's closet too, since they were structurally identical, but Harold's was the tidy one.)

I never knew there could be such a closet. Walk-in closets I've seen before, but never one with separate little cubbies for each shoe.

I think I may have to devote the rest of my life to amassing enough money to live in an apartment with a closet like that. Drawers and places to hang clothing! Shelves and shoe cubbies!


When Kumar marries his (redheaded, white) girlfriend, Harold will clearly need a new roommate. I am volunteering myself. I will be much tidier, and in H&K3 I can act as a foil for Maria. I can play Lucca to her Marle, which would mean that, by the end of the movie, I would have a hot robot boyfriend. Everybody wins!

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The Director said...

Haven't seen that one yet. I did see Forgetting Sarah Marshall, though. Funny stuff.

Oooh, you have twitter! Follow me!! :)

Good luck on your move to DC!