Wednesday, April 30, 2008

But It's The Main Event Of The Play

I'm grading papers for my "theatre for non-majors" class.

Many of them chose to compare/contrast two of the primary characters in a particular play.

Paper after paper of "These characters are in conflict because they want different things out of life. X wants action and entertainment, while Y prefers to stay at home and avoid society."

Only one paper in the entire stack mentioned that the reason X and Y are in conflict is because Y killed X's infant child.

"Different things out of life," indeed.

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The Director said...

Yep. It happens. Some people just like to think analytically and think about the topic, but most people just write flowery stuff and hope that's what you were looking for.

Makes me feel bad for my professors.

Although I've rarely gotten anything less than an A on a paper before... I figure they wouldn't give me an A if they didn't like what I was doing, no? Oh well.