Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I stretched out the sambar by throwing two handfuls of mung dal into the liquid and letting it bubble for an hour or so.

And then I ate it with leftover silverbeet, rice, yogurt, and chutney powder...

...and with a Granny Smith apple, Farmers' Market cheddar, and another third of handmade paratha.

(I love my little Fiestaware bowls, but dinner looks so much nicer when I put it on a plate.)

It's odd--and maybe unfair--that leftovers, even when they go straight from the pot into the freezer and back again, even when they are reheated on the stove instead of the microwave, taste less "alive" than food that is cooked and eaten right away. Particularly because right now I have rows of leftovers in my freezer; soups, dals, etc., not to mention the parathas. (Those, of course, taste just fine reheated, which adds to my theory that if you put enough oil on something it's going to taste good no matter what.)

And here's today's breakfast. I have to say I love these weekend morning breakfasts. Mostly because I do the best photography in the mornings. ^__^

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