Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Blue Year, Part III: Indebleu

So last night I went to Indebleu, to a "mixer" for people in the DC area who had registered with AirBed and Breakfast. (AB&B is a place where people, literally, rent out their airbeds or spare rooms to travelers who want a cheap place to stay. In DC, it's specializing in inauguration rentals. Would much recommend over, say, Craigslist; I posted an inauguration rental on AB&B and it got rented within the week.)

I was a little disappointed -- with Indebleu, not with AB&B. If you go ahead and click on the Indebleu link you'll see what I thought the place would be like; but when I got there it was just a bar, and instead of playing the jazz-mood-music they play on the website, they had several giant televisions, all tuned to The King of Queens.

In short, I was overdressed.

The AB&B hosts were great; they had goody bags for everyone with a toothbrush and toothpaste and a $50 gift certificate if we ever wanted to stay somewhere. (Which I do. But that is another post for another time.) I was kind of more excited about the toothbrush than I was about anything else that happened that evening; as a mixer it was 95% female and we spent a lot of time standing around trying to make conversation, but getting a free toothbrush was pretty awesome, especially because that very afternoon I had accidentally dropped my old toothbrush behind the toilet.

So there you go. But I put myself "out there," as it were, and that's a start.

Now I'm going to go brush my teeth!


The Director said...

95% female, eh?

Where do i sign up? ;)

Blue said...

Why, at AirBed & Breakfast, of course!

(You'll also get a complimentary toothbrush!)