Monday, January 5, 2009

Checking the "Conference" Box

Today I registered for a conference. I'm not sure if it's the best conference in the world (the seminars sound interesting, but the online reviews aren't great), but there ought to be at least one or two solid takeaways I can bring back to my job. So cross your fingers that my first dip into the world of professional development turns out well!

I also... um... had six inches cut off of my hair. At least six. I hadn't planned on doing it, but I had just signed up for cooking classes and registered for this conference and gotten new adjustments in my yoga class and I was running around the office managing an event this afternoon and at one point I saw how disheveled I looked, with my eighteen-odd inches of hair shoved out of my face by two bobby pins, and I thought "this is not the image of success I want to portray."

And yes, it is completely lame that I actually thought the phrase "image of success," but I went out immediately after work and asked one of Dupont Circle's nice young gay salon artists to please make me over, and he did.

I guess that's what writing out New Year's goals will do to you. (I wonder what crazy thing I will do next?)


Anonymous said...


All good in the blue world? Excited about inauguration? My office is right next to the Vienna metro, which I'm sure will be insanity, so I'm thinking about working from home... But I do want to go into the district sometime next week to party in the streets. :)

Blue said...

Blue world is very busy with work right now but happy nonetheless.

When are you planning to party in the streets? I'm so excited for all the inaugural stuff--it's going to be absolutely nuts and absolutely fantastic.

Gori Girl said...

We hadn't planned yet - do you have any insider info on something that will be rocking?

Blue said...

I have info on things that will be freezing cold and happening at 6:30 a.m.

In other words, if you want to chill with me and a group of people as we stand on the edge of a crowd of four million "just to be part of it all," that's our plan! :)

No plans for rocking parties yet, probably will end up at one that is happening impromptu on the street rather than one that is, say, in a bar w/cover charge.

If you want you can send me info so I can txt you locations as they are determined.

Enjoy the inauguration!